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Alright, so

I am truly sorry for being inactive on all platforms.Click To Tweet
(not to be publicized). If you would like to know why I was inactive than please continue reading, if not than please skip this paragraph and scroll down to the Carrier plan below… To begin with, about two months ago is when it first began, I was dating someone that I had troubles with, but it got all sorted out and at the end I was struggling with allot so YouTube was at the bottom of my list. About 3 weeks later I met a girl named Laura, that has helped me through everything, and we started dating; we have been dating for about a month and are still dating to this day. Hopefully you’ll see her in one of my videos or live streams. To conclude allot has went on in my life so I haven’t forgotten about YouTube or social media, infarct I’ve been recently wanting to start it back up, without errors this time.

Carrier Planning |

Lets start off with some Errors i have made including my thought of making two accounts and using both for different things : I have concluded that this was a bad idea to due multiple subscriptions and it would effect my upload cycle. My new thoughts are to upload series using the New YouTube platform including a gaming series (varies on the game) and a couple talk-show/podcast series’s; One of my new podcast will be about debates (mainly joking around) with some dares or punishments involved (inspired from the @MythicalMorning originals) – If you have anymore ideas about my Carrier plan please feel free to comment below, or if you have some podcast or series ideas I’m always up to listen.

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